Hello, and Welcome to Celestial Akitas online home. We are Randy Ferris and Shari Miller-Ferris of Durango Colorado. Randy and I would like to invite you back often.  We are a small kennel in the southwest corner of Colorado, which breeds only for the love of the Akita breed. We will only breed dogs that possess outstanding temperaments, have correct type, no known health problems, and that are wonderful companions.

My family has been in the dog show world for many years. My mother insists my first words were “sit” and “stay”, instead of the usual “Mom” and “Dad”. My grandmother raised German Shepherd Dogs, and my mother and father raise Shetland Sheepdogs. When I saw an Akita, as an adult, I was immediately smitten.

I have been owned by Akitas for better than 20 years. I started with a backyard bred dog. He was a pretty black/ silver male that was pointed, but never finished his championship, as he really didn't care for the show ring. I then purchased a pick of litter bitch from what was supposed to be a reputable breeder. This female was to be a companion to our retired male and a show animal for me. She was a beautiful puppy and pointed from the puppy class but never got to be minimum standard size. I decided to try her in the obedience ring. Anyone who has tried to train an Akita in obedience can tell you it isn’t an easy thing to do. (You have to be smarter than the dog.) She did well though and she received a 2nd in her class at an all breeds and was ½ a point away from a High in Match. Wanting a show dog, I decided to try another breeder and purchased a wonderful bitch. Her name was Northstar’s Kiss of the Wind (Kissy). She was major pointed from the 6-9 month puppy class. She also received a Best in Sweeps and Best of Breed from the 9-12 month puppy class owner handled. Unfortunately, she developed a closed pyometra infection and had to be spayed and was unable to continue with her show career. However, she lived a long, happy life with us.

We currently are owned by six Akitas; Joy, Yudi, Faith, Mirage , Deacon and PreacherWe have no children, so our dogs are our four legged children, and are spoiled rotten. Randy was never allowed to have a dog as a child since his family moved around a lot. So when we met, and I told him he had to pass the “dog” test, I think he thought I was crazy. The dogs took to him immediately and he passed the “dog” test with flying colors.  After going to only a few shows, I realized Randy had a really good eye for dogs and could pick out winning animals with the best of them.

This is a brief history of how we got our start. Please enjoy your visit to our site and feel free to
contact us if you have any questions about Akitas or our dogs.

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